Monthly Archives: February 2012

Landon’s One!!

Our baby boy turned one last week! Any parent knows how bittersweet this occasion is. On one hand your baby is one!! You made it through the first year (which has soooo many ups and downs!) You are looking forward to toddler-hood and all that brings but at the same time….your baby is no longer well…a baby!

We went back and forth about throwing him a birthday party…we kept saying that it wasn’t like he was going to remember it but at the same time..why not throw a party!! Who doesn’t love a party! Then the planning began…we picked a pirate party!! Thanks to countless hours searching the internet and of course Etsy all the ideas were in place! With the help of family and friends I got it done!! From the rice crispy treat pirates, pinwheels, pirate rubber ducky’s, mason jars filled with red and black candy and chocolate pirate molds…we had it all!

A huge thanks to on of our best friends Aaron who did all the cooking! We had gumbo, sandwiches, and the huge hit shoyu octopus hotdogs!! Mick with the Elite British DJ for providing the music for the party, Shirley the Cake Lady for Landon’s smash and birthday cake and Andy from Starlight Photobooth for the awesome photobooth!